Hey there! You may have already read part 1 of this 2 part blog series. In part 1 I shared how I overcame the fear of failure when it came to educating my kids. If you haven’t, that’s ok! You can catch up later. Today I’m going to share 3 easy changes I made that helped make my life as a mom of 4 easier for me, without sacrificing learning, fun or my work life. OK! Let’s get to it!

Schedules that Flex

The saying is true, if you don’t tell your day what to do it will tell you what to do. So I created a flexible schedule that blocks out time for the things I need to do. Currently I set out a few hours each morning to ensure my kids are getting consistent hands on learning. After lunch and tidying up (which is in my schedule), I have time blocked out for my work as an influencer to create content, edit, or engage depending on what day it is.

Take note that my schedule flow may not work for you and that’s OK! Think of what your families needs are and create a schedule flow that fits your families’ lifestyle.

All about the Atmosphere

When I decided I was going to get serious about home education I knew I needed to cultivate an environment that encourages learning. So I turned our front room shelving into a mini Montessori, that holds all of our learning resources.

I intentionally chose to put their learning recourses in a inaccessible spot to prevent my 1 yr old from creating constant chaos and to keep their recourses in tact. During class or circle time I pull down what we are using that day making them accessible.

Our favorite resources include puzzles, flash cards, crayons, dot markers, workbooks, and playdoh. Seriously mama it doesn’t take much so don’t break the bank! 🏦

Travel in style

Play dates and fun outings are something we as moms want more of. But let’s face it traveling with toddlers is not always easy. I found that Baby delights ultra-compact folding stroller is perfect for traveling as it’s super light weight. And it’s recline feature makes it perfect for changing those diapers on the go. 💪🏽

For longer trips I like to bring along our bungalow cot that doubles as a play pen and napper! This is by far my kids favorite hang out spot.

Lastly feeding a 1 year old can get messy when you don’t have high chair. When visiting grandma and grandpa we use baby delights go with me venture deluxe chair that has a tray for keeping Becky’s juice 🧃 and food 🥘 in place.

You got this. 💪🏽

Mama we are entering into a whole new world 🌎 where life just isn’t the same as it was. But guess what? One thing that won’t change is our God! I pray these recourses help you and that this encourages you to be the BEST you can be no matter what the circumstances. 🤍

To read part one of the this series click here.

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