imageInspiring Women to Lead the Lives they were Called to Lead.

Hi, I’m Mrs. Egenti, but you can call me Meg. I’m a wife, and mother of four. My family is blended including my 9 month old infant, two toddlers, and my bonus daughter who is a pre-teen. Yes, there is never a dull moment in the Egenti household.

Our family of 6 didn’t come as easy as you may think. Jeff and I faced heart-break, hopelessness, discouragement, disbelief, opposition and many tear-filled nights along the journey.

There were moments that I questioned whether I would ever bare my own children. Moments where I contemplated what my options were in case, I could never carry a baby full term. You see after cremating two babies born prematurely the pain of it all can cause you to question a lot of things.

Despite all the efforts of the enemy to destroy my dreams, and my purpose. The photo below is evidence that God’s perfect plan for your life will always prevail!

This blog was birthed from my overwhelming desire to speak life into women who thirst for God, and mentor those ready for change. We will dig into scripture, lean into prayer, and be encouraged to walk in our God given purpose.

Lets drink together from the well that never run dry. -John 4:15