As I was reading in Mathew where Jesus tells his disciples, if they want to follow him, they have to deny themselves daily and pick up their cross. (Mathew 16:24) I wondered why this scripture was resonating with me. What exactly was God saying to me?

It was shortly after that, that I overheard a minister on the radio talking about how we as humans just want to please our flesh. She went on to say people watch porn if they want to, they sleep with their boyfriend or girlfriend if they want to.

Then it hit me. God wanted me to know that He is STILL looking for a people who are willing to deny their flesh for his Glory. So here I am writing this blog in hopes that you too will receive the same revelation.

Listen, while I may be a blood-washed Christian that doesn’t mean I am not tempted by my flesh. If you’ve read my testimony, I once lived a life where I served my fleshly desires at any cost with no regard for others so I get.

I was once too blind to see the pain I was causing myself and others, too deaf to hear Jesus calling me home, and too dumb to understand that everything I ever wanted could be found in Jesus.

It’s amazing the great lengths we will go to please the flesh. We lie to keep from facing the truth and gossip thinking it will make us feel better about the situation.

We parade ourselves around marketing our physical attributes because our flesh desires the glory that belongs to God.

Marriages are destroyed because the flesh doesn’t care if the man you desire is already made one in Christ with someone else. Yes, we don’t just go against man or woman when committing adultery, we come against the God that joined them.

We destroy our own marriages before they even happen because parts of us are still clinging to men, we have already joined ourselves to. Understand that the flesh has no regard for how you are presented to your bridegroom. It only yearns for instant gratification.

You see when we have no conviction to be obedient to the spirit, we live only to please the flesh. We say and do whatever we “feel” focusing only on what we perceive will get us the satisfaction we are so desperate for.

It’s actually our desperation that the enemy is counting on. He wants us to be so consumed with our fleshy desires, that we somehow forget about the God who poured himself out so that we could live free from the bondage of our sinful flesh.

Don’t get wrapped up in trying to keep alive a flesh that is dead from the start. The devil is a liar! There is a whole new life for us in Christ that’s been paid in full.

Now while the life we have in Christ is free we must fight the good fight to remain in that freedom. We must flee for the very things that held us in bondage. The love of money, pride, self-righteousness, revenge, unforgiveness.

You see we say we love God but we take shortcuts and paychecks that cost our integrity. We say we trust God but we’re plotting our own revenge and refusing to forgive.

I don’t know what chains are tugging on you. But I know there was a point in my life when my self-destruction had become so great that I could no longer keep up with the desires of my flesh.

It was in that brokenness that the Devil thought he left me for dead but Jesus was getting ready to lead me to life! I poured out what was left of me before Jesus and as He pulled me close EVERY chain broke, every pain was healed, and the truth was released in me exposing EVERY lie!

Listen this isn’t about me. I was sent here today to ask you if you are ready to deny yourself and pick up your cross for Christ?

Are you willing to trust Him to be a just God and forgive those who’ve hurt you?

Are you willing to go a step further and bless those who’ve cursed you?

Are you willing to say no to the money that costs your integrity?

For my influencers are you willing to say no to representing a brand or products that that goes against your values?

Are you willing to read your bible, and seek His face when you want to watch Netflix?

Are you willing to put that money in your business instead of your closet?

God will not force you, He will take you as far as you are WILLING to go!

So, I will leave you with this.

Seek first the kingdom of righteousness and the rest will be added unto you. Mathew 6:33

Listen, I needed this message just as bad you did.

If you are willing, to deny yourself for His glory, tell God “Here I Am.”

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6 replies on “Are you willing?

  1. This post is everything! It hit home about the money part! Money does not mean that much to me to risk my integrity for it. And you’re so right about relationships and lies we believe that suit our flesh! I have been purging my life of things that are not good for me or Godly for me. And for the areas that are a little more entangled, asking him for wisdom to untangle according to his will and timing!! It’s ALWAYS a right time to choose healing! I just know that some areas of healing have to be a process of elimination. Whatever and however God wants to do it, I am yielding one day and decision at a time. I’ve asked him for the healing, so if he miraculously turns it around in an instant, wonderful! If he does it a different way, I will use my faith all the more. His way is ultimately BETTER!

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    1. So well said! May He perfect everything concerning you my Sister as you put your trust in His unfailing love 💕 In Jesus name 🙏🏽


  2. This was a very sobering message, but one that needs go be heard. Thanks for being willing to share! God has been dealing with me in a very similar way.

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    1. I’m so glad it blessed you Love. He is faithful to discipline those He loves, and while it didn’t feel good to have to repent I felt His unfailing love.


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